• Fall 2017 Thesis Defense

    Fall 2017 Thesis Defense

    Theses Defenses of 2017-2018 Fall 2017 BS Candidates 3D evidence for the biotite to vermiculite conversion controlling spheroidal weathering at Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, Peninsular […]

  • 2017 Gordon Bell Prize

    2017 Gordon Bell Prize

    Earthquake Code Originating From SDSU Professor Used in 2017 Gordon Bell Prize Research Chinese Team Recognized for Simulating 20th Century’s Most Devastating Earthquake A numerical code, […]

  • Thesis Defense – Bill Savran (PhD)

    Thesis Defense – Bill Savran (PhD)

    Developing Stochastic Models as Inputs for High-Frequency Ground Motion Simulations Bill Savran PhD Candidate, Geophysics Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 CSL 422 – 10 am Abstract […]

  • Seminar – Dan Ellerton

    Seminar – Dan Ellerton

    OSL Ages and Formation Mechanisms of a Major Coastal Dunefield, the Cooloola Sand Mass, Southeaster Queensland, Australia Dan Ellerton University of Queensland, Australia Wednesday, November […]

  • Grand Canyon – 2017

    Grand Canyon – 2017

    The Geology 200 (Geologic Inquiry) and Historical Geology classes spent two and half days in the Grand Canyon.  Students walked along the trail of time, […]