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Welcome to Notes on Planet Earth version 3.0. This newest of three versions of Notes on Planet Earth was developed during the summer of 2008. As you can see from the Table of Contents displayed on the left side of this page, this web site consists of a series of fifteen chapters from my eBook, Notes on Planet Earth - An Introduction to Key Concepts in the Earth Sciences. In addition, you can find here videos of my lectures (screencasts), practice exams, video reviews for each of four required exams, and twelve laboratory assignments for Geology 101. All laboratory assignments are provided as pdf files. Students enrolled in Geology 101 are expected to download and bring printed copies of each laboratory assignment to class. If you are a teacher or student at another college and are interested in purchasing a copy of the eBook, then please contact

Montezuma Publishing,
San Diego State University

or click on the following link: Montezuma Publishing. All material shown on this web site as part of the eBook can be printed and accessed directly from the CD. I am continuing to work hard at providing you an efficient way to study and learn about the geological sciences. If you have constructive ideas about how I can further improve this course, then please let me know about them.

If you are interested in a Natural Disasters course, then you might want to consider my online course which is taught in the summer. The link entitled Perilous Earth in the Table of Contents will take you to the web site supporting this class.

Note: The eBook for this site was developed in Adobe Director. In addition, many interactive illustrations were developed in Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, Apple and Android devices do not support either of these Adobe products, and as a result, if you are using a handheld device running either of these operating systems, then you will not be able to access the eBook or any of the Flash movies.


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Plate Tectonics | Mineralogy | Igneous Rocks | Weathering| Soils | Mass Wasting | Sedimentary Rocks | Metamorphic Rocks | Geologic Time | Topographic Maps | Structural Geology | Earthquakes | Glaciers | Oceans |Tsunami | Glossary

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